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We are sure you are pretty excited about your new home. Whether it’s a condo or a co-op, a home is a home, and it’s in your best interest to have it inspected before you move in.

We provide professional co-op inspection in Brooklyn NY for small and large properties. Our co-op home inspections are mainly targeted at utilities and appliances, which include electrical, plumbing, and HVAC to name a few. We also look out for pest infestation and any structural defects in the ceiling, walls and floor. All our findings are documented, and you can have a printed report handed to you on the same day.

A home inspection doesn’t fix a broken pipe, but it can save you from getting into a bad purchase or at least can give you a solid reason to negotiate the price.


We provide home inspection services in Brooklyn, Long Island and throughout New York. And before you order an inspection, ask yourself these questions to make sure everything goes as planned.

Have you gotten into the purchase agreement?

In other words, a purchase agreement means that you have accepted the offer and are willing to proceed to the next step along your buying journey. Once you have accepted the offer, the seller is obliged to allow a home inspection. But in case you haven’t, it’s up to the seller whether to let the inspection happen or not.

Are you allowed a sufficient amount of time for the inspection?

It takes at least 2 hours for a home inspector to inspect an average co-op property. Before ordering the inspection, make sure the seller allows sufficient time so that there’s no rush and every aspect is looked into by our inspector to give you a detailed report.

Are utilities activated?

It’s hard to find a fault in utilities that remain shut during the inspection or are never activated at all. For accurate results, make sure you have all the utilities, such as electricity, gas, heat, hot water, etc. activated ahead of the co-op inspection.

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