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After spending tiresome and monotonous hours at the workplace, one always finds real peace at home. From security to hygiene, walls to tiles, electricity to plumbing, and ventilation to chimneys, all constitute to build a favorable abode to live in. We at House Pro Home Inspections hold the expertise to share your concern and offer home inspection services at marginal prices.

We just not merely focus on providing a mandatory outlook to your dream home but try to enhance comfort by giving a layout of feasible modifications that can allure the soul.

The home which seems pleasing to the eyes may have pollutants hidden in the corners camouflaged to the human eye. Another factor that needs attention is healthy living. Assuring the same, we specialize in monitoring indoor air quality inspection which precisely deals with keeping a check on indoor air pollutants and areas prone to the molds.

Water is another concern that holds equal and immediate attention as it forms the source to life necessities from bathing to dishwashing to laundry purposes. We also assure the rate of flow from the faucets with a check on water quality.

Electricity forms another important aspect of a furnished home, so we keep a balance between the lighting of the rooms with respect to the area concerned and provide with nominal alterations in the desired way.


The overall list of our services holds a long and detailed que. As a whole, we work for name and fame, keeping our profits at the back end. Your satisfaction is our prime and chief concern.

Whether you’re a buyer (first time as well), a seller, an investor, a builder, etc., all you need is the peace of mind. Our expert services will fully take care of that, ensuring that you don’t feel any inconvenience and our detailed report will take care of the quality of the property.

If you’re looking for an inspection company with customer satisfaction, commitment, and integrity at the core of its values, you’ve come to the right place. We take care of all your indoor inspection Brooklyn, NY needs and try to deliver the best services at an affordable price. Our motto is to deliver unbiased reports based on findings quickly so that there is no bottleneck in buying/selling of your property.

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